Classic Pacman Game In C# With Source Code

Classic Pacman game is a simple C# game. The game is the remake of the previous version of the game. Some of the features are not included in this game. Before you run this project you will need Visual Studio. This IDE will allow you to run the solution file.

This project contains various files and c# code within it. This game is very much addictive and mood refreshing. In the gameplay, the player navigates the Pac-Man through the maze. The maze contains various dots and ghosts named as Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The goal is to eat all those dots in the maze. The ghosts will run around the mazes and try to kill Pac-Man. The control is the arrow keys in this gameplay. The four ghosts roam the maze hunting for Pac-Man. If anyone of the ghosts touches the Pacman then you will lose your life. When you eat the powerup then you can easily run towards the ghosts and you can eat them. This game has only one level. So if you want to modify the game, then you can add some levels to it.

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