MiniGun Range Game In UNITY ENGINE With Source Code

About Project
MiniGun Range Game project is developed using Unity Game Engine. The language used for the development of this project is “C#”. The project file contains Assets such as C# scripts, prefabs, textures, sounds, animations, models, scenes and many more. Minigun Range is a 3D game specially designed for PCs. The gameplay Graphics is good enough and the controls are simple for the users.

About Gameplay
Minigun Range is a computer game prototype of the “Gallery Rifle Shooting”. Talking about the gameplay, the main objective of this game is to destroy all Enemies and there are other objects too which should be ignored by the player while shooting. This means the player should focus only on Enemies red object. You need to monitor the Life, Bullets, remaining time counter and set of enemies. The game time and bullets counter are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen whereas Life of the player and enemies life counter on the upper left corner. He/she must be careful while aiming the enemy targets. There are some Peaceful objects too and if the peaceful objects are destroyed it leads to decrement in player lives. Also, there are a number of bonuses that improve some parameters.

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